ChainSql 特点
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History record can not be tampered

The ChainSQL log is saved on the blockchain, and blockchain has the characteristics that written data cannot be changed.

Comply the audit requirements

The user's operation record in ChainSQL is written into the blockchain, which can be accurate tracking and query.

Consistency of data support with multi-user writes in different places

When multi-user write the same table in same time and different places, the blockchain data achieved consistent and unified.

Data can be restored to any time point

As a log database, ChainSQL can restore data to any time point based on the operation log stored on the blockchain.

Authority control

Control the authority of the database add,delete,update,query operations.      

Database plug-in management – It can integrate different local databases

ChainSQL support a variety of databases, including DB2, Firebird, MySQL, ODBC, PostgreSQL, SQLite3, etc., it all can be configured to use as plug-ins.

Simple programming model (JSON API)

Operating databases using clear and understandable rule of grammar

Rapid development blockchain application

ChainSQL can be used as the basic platform for rapid development of blockchain related applications.