Who is building the local network outside the Internet

       Before writing this article, I downloaded and play the FireChat which can communicate without the network. Then I am not found a user around. If I had not seen some of its development stories before, It was almost impossible to imagine that it had been a real energy released by some densely populated activity. So for the "user form network by themselves " products, the number of people access is very important.

       If FireChat’s popularity can achieve mobile QQ level in domestic, then is it means that we can chat with others bypass the operator’s data flow or WiFi wireless network in future? Although it may seem like a good wish, it is a real thing happen and it brings much more imagination than instant chat.

       The creation of Firechat technically thanks to apple in IOS 7 to join the multipeer connectivity framework, it make connection between IOS devices in a certain range through the Bluetooth and WiFi connection to communicate without WiFi or mobile network. Firechat just build a chat application by this technology, in fact multipeer connectivity framework also support file transfer, that is to say, the users can use own mobile phone or other device to build their own network, and in addition to the normal chat, it also can make file transfer and share. People can create a small range of Internet for use without the telecom operators and Internet access providers.

       In addition to apple, Google is in fact do a similar technology named Copresence. This feature allows the Android and IOS devices to transmit various types of data like files, photos, navigation positioning, text messages and so on between each other, and it is not use the existing Internet, but complete the data transmission via Bluetooth or WiFi connection.

       When apple and Google allow users to build their own WiFi network and avoid operators, WiFi technology standards makers and promoters WiFi alliance also think so. Just two weeks ago, the WiFi alliance released a new functions called WiFi Aware, it is used for WiFi devices share with games, media files and other types of data without network support. And in accordance with the WiFi alliance saying that the feature will put into normal commercial use by the end of this year, At that time the world's main manufacturers produced WiFi devices will be equipped with WiFi Aware wireless module.

       A new style of the Internet is brewing, and the network has no matter with the existing network operators, it is a decentralized network which completely composed by the user's device. In this state, each device is a base station, which is located in the hands of each person holding a mobile device.

       As the popularity of firechat, Some people may have chat experience in this state of network, but we may also have not tried to download movies, listening to music, file transfer in this network , after all the infrastructure is not universal yet, the related tools has not come out.

       Of course, although more diverse tools have not yet emerged, but this does not mean that is not feasible. For the user familiar with the currently internet experience, you may feel this like a fairy tale, but since we can chat with this technique, as it can transmit video, file transfer etc, in fact, we just wait which company can really put activation with silence "base station" in the hands of everyone. Finally, perhaps Google, apple, or other companies will finally reach the goal.

       In fact, even in the reality we do not lack of such case. In Cuba, the young people used WiFi and cable to establish a huge LAN consist of more than 9000 computers. This LAN is not connected to the Internet, the user can chat in this network, Download popular movies and play games.

       Although the Cuban network is established by computer, but when the apple, Google, the WiFi alliance advocates techniques are popular used, similar to a network can appear in you and me between mobile devices. You can imagine it is a very interesting and imaginative things when the independent new network come true, at that time the rules of the game in the Internet many rewriting and change, not so simple as exchange of resources, it brings us great significance.

       Getting rid of operators and access provider’s restrictions, creating independent small scope Internet, can make users more free and easy to get the basic human rights of access to the Internet, and more unrestricted access to information and services. And for others, how to revert the connecting power of the user built independent internet to their hands, and create a more "powerful" and "security" network independently beyond the operators, and even build super LAN independent of the global Internet, and probably they are deeply seeking the solution.