PeerSafe participate in 2015 China Internet Security Conference

        2015 China Internet Security Conference (ISC) opened in September 29th at the Beijing National Convention center. As the Asia's largest and most professional annual meeting in information security field, in-depth study of the latest trends in global information security, sharing the latest security technology research results and practice. PeerSafe company was invited to participate in the 2015 ISC conference. On the electronic forensics sub forum held in September 30th, PeerSafe CEO YanTing made a wonderful speech named "Telecommunication Counter-Forensic Technology in Decentralized Network".

       In the traditional centralized network, there are many private communication APP such as Snapchat, Telegram, Wickr, Text Silent, etc. In recent years, with the rapid development of mobile Internet, the decentralized network based on the P2P technology increases very fast, from the Bittorrent, thunder in early time, to the Bitcoin, LTC, Ripple, MaidSafe, etc in recent years. Using  the security anonymous characteristics of decentralized network, the market has emerged a number of P2P private instant messenger such as FireChat which support for non network communications, P2P anonymous instant messenger Bleep, CheChat, etc., these APPs have P2P encryption communication feature and no need registration, becoming a new generation of privacy protection tool, and have commercial application value in the special industries like military and public security.

       PeerSafe CEO YanTing said in the speech: “Through the test of decentralized point to point encryption communication application ShadowTalk, we have proved that the application has  very strong privacy protection ability, which can bypass the centralized network and communicate with other ShadowTalk terminal, Real anonymous communication, No storage in the disk, Using burn after reading technology, and the messages will not be collected by big data providers. PeerSafe has opened up a new research area in the field of electronic evidence obtaining."”

       With the increase of mobile device capabilities, network speed to accelerate, the decentralized network communication is coming. PeerSafe make a trial running of decentralized APP ShadowTalk, analyzed of the operation of the center of the network, studied the communication establishment process between the nodes, found the structure of the underlying protocol, and master several key technologies of the decentralized network communication.

YanTing also pointed out: “the decentralized network communication is still in the research and exploration phase, currently the solution is focus on four aspects: Firstly, through various input method, especially the third party input method to achieve monitoring; Secondly, through third party plug-in software, including the integration of various monitoring system SDK to control; Thirdly, control the number of P2P network node; Fourthly, other whole network monitoring mode."”

       PeerSafe company is a high-tech enterprises professional engaged in the development of Distributed Internet technology, product sales and technical services. PeerSafe focus on the research of P2P network security and self-organized network protocol, proposed a random decentralized network communication protocol, introduce a distributed identity authentication system for enterprise security. PeerSafe committed to creating a new security and efficient network platform to adapt with the future development of Internet. Company continuously  to develop the application and related standards in the platform,promote the decentralized network security development with industry partners and customers, provide unprecedented information security services for individuals and enterprises.