About Peersafe
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       PeerSafe company was founded in July 2014, It is a high-tech Internet company professional engaged in the research and development, product sales, technical services of the decentralized network protocol. It is Zhongguancun Hign-tech enterprises, the member of Chinese Association of cryptography, China open source software promote union member. It has branches in Singapore, Hongkong, Shanghai, Shenzhen etc. With the advantage of blockchain technology and the network platform of SandComputing platform, Creating a decentralized network security system via four dimensions of access security、communication security、storage security and transaction security , adopt unique content addressing and P2P communication technology to provide efficient de centralized network services, using blockchain technology to achieve reliable and transparent data storage or intelligent contract applications. PeerSafe provide the security, identity authentication, information sharing, asset management products to global Internet people, Giving the greatest extent protection of the data security of personal and business users.

       PeerSafe’s SandComputing technology totally changes the structure of the existing centralized Internet, It distribute computing, communication, control, and storage resources and services to end users and Devices system,It forms a decentralized network system by spreading the centralized security control node in Internet, Each node in the network can act as a safety control or authentication node, The nodes uses the private communication protocol to form the interconnected system with self organization characteristics .In order to avoid the network attack and information leaking in centralized control nodes of traditional Internet system ,it achieves decentralized security authentication system by four dimensions in access security,authentication security,storage security and the connection security.

       For the enterprise market, PeerSafe developed a distributed identity authentication system, the enterprise user name and password is stored in multiple servers, and fully protect the security of the enterprise user authentication. In future it will support enterprise file distributed cloud storage, enterprise distributed mail, etc., Focus on the individual market, the company developed private instant messaging tool, realize really point to point of information sharing, without storage of the third party server to ensure personal privacy information not be monitored illegally. Developed a private file sharing tool, using peer to peer communication to build a distributed file system network, it realizes distributed secure storage of personal information.

       The mission of the company is to provide the most secure guarantee for the communication and life in the Internet era. The company's vision is to become the world's leading decentralized Blockchain solution provider.

       The core competitiveness of PeerSafe is the revolutionary reconstruction of internet architecture and protocol, building a new security ,efficient and trustful SandComputing network to adapt to the development of future internet. Based on technological innovation and own products, provide consulting, software development and overall solutions and services for the user, and actively committed to information security construction in fields of government, financial, industrial, communications etc.

Financing situation

       The company's development has been supported by the famous VC firms. At present the financing nearly 10 million dollars, including investors Lightspeed venture partners, ChinaEquity Group and Cloudbrain fund.


       Lightspeed China Partners (LCP) is a leading venture capital firm focusing on early-stage investments in Internet, mobile, services and enterprise solution companies in China.  With strong backgrounds in company operations, business consulting, and entrepreneurship, the partners of LCP are committed to helping a new generation of Chinese entrepreneurs become industry leaders, build world-class companies and create social impact.  In addition, LCP offers international value-added capabilities through its relationship with Lightspeed Venture Partners (LSVP).  LSVP is a global venture capital firm managing over $3.6 billion of committed capital with investment professionals and advisors located in Silicon Valley, India and Israel. Over the past two decades, the partners of Lightspeed have backed more than 200 companies globally, many of which have become leaders in their respective markets.

       Founded in 1999 by Mr. Chaoyong Wang, former Head of Morgan Stanley China and Senior Investment Advisor of China
 Development Bank, ChinaEquity Group (CEG) is one of the earliest and largest PE/VC firms in China. The firm’s RMB business 
 is currently publicly traded on Chinese New OTC Market (NEEQ). In 2015, the firm was rated as one of the top 25 VC/PE firms 
in China by Forbes with equity value of over US$3 billion.
       CEG has led over a hundred investments that span a wide range of industries. The firm has covered TMT, high-end consumer & 
 retail, clean energy, and healthcare industries. Its successful investments include:

● China’s Internet giants: Baidu and Sohu
● The flagship of China’s media & entertainment industry: Huayi Brothers
● The “God Father” of China’s fashion industry: Tony Studio
● China’s leading education service provider: Longwen Education
● China’s largest private physical examination organization: Health 100
● The “founding father” of China’s credit rating industry: CCXI
● Innovative online retailer in the “Internet plus” era: benlai.com
● Industry leader in the high-tech commercial UAV area: Ewatt
● CEG also strives to create value by investing in cross-border opportunities. After co-investing in Aston Martin with 
Investindustrial, one of the leading investment groups in Europe, CEG played a vital role in helping the company reconstruct  its business strategy and establish partnerships in China.


       Cloud brain fund is a angel investment funds established in 2015, focusing on the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and other fields.