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Job responsibilities

1、Responsible for development and encoding of software products;

2、Participate in the implementation of the software development process;

3、Strive to make technological breakthrough;

Job requirements

1、Excellent and solid C++ skills, good encoding style and specification, master a variety of development environment and tools;

2、Familiar with STL/ATL, Boost and other C++ development library;

3、Familiar with Linux/Windows/Mac cross platform application development;

4、Proficient in the development of a dedicated transmission protocol such as Socket、TCP and UDP protocol;

5、Deep understanding of multi thread development;
6、Deep understanding of object oriented analysis and design, can make UML modeling;

7、Deep understanding of the construction of high performance server;

8、Strong learning ability, quickly grasp the new technology;

9、Familiar with NAT and firewall traversal technology, familiar with STUN/TURN/ICE/UPnP protocol;

10、P2P software development experience is preferred;